Photo workshop - Flash techniques for bird and wildlife photography
The wildlife photography flash workshop is aimed at the bird and wildlife photographer who wants to master the finer techniques of fill and full flash.
Event Duration : 1 day
Per photographer:
R 1695.65+VAT (254.35)
Venue : Zeiss South Africa - Training Centre - Randburg Gauteng

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R 1950.00 incl VAT - 1 Photographer
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The Bird/Wildlife Photography ~ Flash Workshop is aimed at the photographer who is interested in learning how to use flash effectively. This one day, practically orientated course will teach you how to use your flash as a supplementary light source during the day, as major light source in low light conditions or the only light source at night.
The course will include a classroom and a practical session and will enable you to become familiar with all the flash settings required on your digital SLR as well as those on your external flash.
We will deal with all the terminology (guide number, TTL, E-TTL, front curtain sync, rear curtain sync, high speed sync) and show you which of these are important for you as a bird/wildlife photographer and how to use them in the field for optimal results. Knowing your flash and camera and how they work together is essential - otherwise you will struggle in the dark (literally and figuratively) as the action happens in front of you and you cannot figure out what your settings should be.
The following topics will be covered in detail:
* When to use flash as main light source and supplementary light source;
* Setting your camera mode for flash photography;
* Choosing the correct shutter speed, aperture and ISO;
* What are the effects of varying the ISO;
* Exposure control through flash exposure compensation;
* The difference between flash exposure compensation and camera exposure compensation;
* Other topics will include Flash extenders, Off-camera flash and Controlling flash shadows;
A digital SLR and external flash is recommended but not essential. Included in the fee is a course manual with comprehensive notes, as well as refreshments. Don't continue shooting in the darků Join us for a day and walk away with all you need to know about your flash!
A percentage of the proceeds of the course will be donated to Birdlife South Africa.