Photo workshop: Fundamentals of Bird and Wildlife Photography - Johannesburg
This course is aimed at the digital photographer who wants to learn the fundamentals of how to take photos of birds and other wildlife as well as master the art of post processing their images. Both beginner and experienced photographers will benefit from the course content.
Event Duration : 1 day
Per photographer:
R 1710.53+VAT (256.58)
Venue : Zeiss South Africa - Training Centre - Randburg

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R 1967.11 incl VAT - 1 Photographer
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The course will be divided into two parts namely camera settings and field techniques followed by software processing guidelines.
Equipment, settings and field techniques will be covered in the morning. This section will cover terminology and concepts and we will discuss the equipment and accessories needed to photograph birds and wildlife. We will provide guidelines on how to set up your digital camera and explain the most important features. Essential "rules of thumb" for creating pleasing compositions will also be discussed.
The afternoon will be devoted to organising and processing images. We will cover important topics such as a basic filing structure for categorising and viewing digital images in either a file browser or database type application. The primary aim of this section is to provide you with an understanding of how to store and process images. A simple easy to understand processing work flow will be explained without swamping the inexperienced digital photographer with unnecessary complicated detail. We will show you step-by-step how to optimize a raw digital image in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Finally, we will teach you to resize and sharpen your image for sharing or web posting.
The sessions will comprise of lectures and interactive discussions / demonstrations. A digital SLR and laptop computer is recommended but not essential. A course manual with notes is included in the price. The fee also includes refreshments and a light lunch and refreshments.
A percentage of the proceeds of the course will be dontated to Birdlife South Africa.