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Albert and Marietjie share an interest in nature and enjoy photography.

Nature photography provide them with a unique opportunity to capture special moments in time, portraying the uniqueness of even the most common birds and animals around us.  Birds are particularly special to them as they can be especially challenging to photograph. Their photographic style aims to always show birds or animals engaged in some action or behaviour. They therefore spend a lot of time with the birds or animals to observe and photograph unique behaviour and action.

Their images are published widely, and they have both won numerous awards in recognition of their photographic talent. Marietjie is a zoologist by training and is currently involved in numerous research projects on small mammals at the University of Pretoria. When not behind the camera Albert consults to various developments as a specialist ornithological consultant to address the impacts they have on birds or to minimise the effect that birds can have on industry.

Both Marietjie and Albert enjoy teaching other photographers and they like sharing their extensive photographic knowledge. They have both been leading bird photographic tours and safaris for more than 10 years. It is a wonderful experience to share knowledge, sightings and images with other bird and wildlife photographers who are keen to learn and improve their skills.

They are based in Johannesburg South Africa but travel around fairly frequently whether it’s just a quick morning outing to a local bird sanctuary or a week long excursion to a special wildlife destination!